The Sour Notes Celebrate Fifth Album with a Party!

The Sour Notes started small. The band began in 2008 as the solo project of Houston-based singer-songwriter Jared Boulanger. After adding a few more members, The Sour Notes soon relocated to Austin where they recorded their second album,Received in Bitterness, by converting the laundry room of their house into a “recording studio” complete with two mics. Since those early years, The Sour Notes have… Read more →


Austin Monthly Review: The Sour Notes – Do What May

The Sour Notes Do What May 4/5 starsFor a band that’s been putting out an LP or EP every year since 2008, its new release proves this group isn’t short on ideas. In fact, they’ve got so many that it’s tough to sort them into one niche. Do What May is rooted in indie rock and gets a big boost from horn,… Read more →


The Sour Notes – Do What May (Austin Town Hall Review)

Rating: ★★★½ · Local darlings, The Sour Notes have been at it for some time now, creating a great deal of music in a rather short period of time and trying to make a name for themselves. They’ve experimented in a good number of genres since their origin in 2008 and have changed band members even more frequently. On this fifth release, Do What… Read more →