Here’s some nice stuff music people have said about us:

‘Fourth LP Last Looks is a grand pop album that manages to expand in all directions at once. Like 2009′s Received in Bitterness, guitarist Chris Page lends serious edge to heavy, sinister opener “Nothing’s More Contagious Than Evil” and chaser “Hot Pink Flares,” which closes with a slow, Phil Spector-influenced swoon…The Wall of Sound treatment continues in the buoyant flourish of “Big Dreams,” which, like most of Last Looks, gets embellished with horns and strings courtesy of Mother Falcon.’ – Austin Powell, The Austin Chronicle

“‘Last Looks’…simply is a flat-out perfect set of sweet, ultra-melodic, shiny-clean power-pop songs, with all the rough edges sanded smooth and a damn near flawless sense of what pieces should go where. The latter part’s particularly crucial here, by the way, considering that each track here is like its own little mini-symphony, with different movements, crescendoes, and denouements.” – Jeremy Hart, Space City Rock

“Never short on hooks or ambition, The Sour Notes play brittle pop for star-crossed post-grads…on rising tides of lonesome guitars and glimmering synths, the band patiently builds its postmillennial laments, making the occasional nod to Krautrock and frequent concessions to soundtrack-worthy mood.”- Erik Adams, The Onion AV Club,13870/

“Somewhere between Fountains of Wayne’s Teflon hooks and the Shins’ minor-key reveries, The Sour Notes…emote anything but the same ol’ song and dance, especially here in cow town.” – Raoul Hernandez, The Austin Chronicle

“Sharing stages with We Are Scientists, Daniel Johnston (during his only show in Austin), Marnie Stern and High Places, the Sour Notes has begun to build its touring reputation on the brink of its newest release due out in February. Backed by Mother Falcon and its newly revolved cast of characters, Last Looks is a milestone for the band as it departs from using heavy synths and cool sounds for filler, and move onto what Boulanger describes as a more “songwriter-y” sound.” – Brianne Galli, College Music Journal